Dr. Peter Lee Colman

Dr. Colman is a professional communicator with over 30 years of writing and public speaking experience in a diverse range of academic and grass-roots disciplines, including theological education, pastoral counseling, and intercultural studies (cross-cultural communication and trans-national cultural and communication competence).

Dr. Colman's writng skills and services include:

  • Professional Copywriting
  • Professional Editing (with a view to publication)
  • Proof-reading, critiquing, and textual analysis
  • Ghostwriting


Dr. Colman is also an accomplished poet, in diverse poetic genres. His unpublished anthology, Granite Outcroppings, features unconventional, eclectic selections on language, poetry, nature, Christian reflection, and marriage, as well as more humorous selections such as limerick, parody, dialect and emblematic poetry.


Email: peter@drpetercolman.com
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